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Apparel | Tuesday, October 04, 2011


SUPIMA ON TV: Broadcast fashion in Thailand

By Nancy Boyd

BANGKOK—Since it was co-sponsored by “Living Fashion,” a segment on Thailand’s popular Chic Channel, two television producers came along for the ride when winners of the Cotton USA Design Challenge completed their recent U.S. tour.

The resulting program, broadcast as a three-part series, reached over half a million Thai consumers.

And Supima was there.

The program’s host wore the winners’ dresses during a tour of U.S. cotton and fashion hot spots that included Hollywood, a pima cotton farm and gin in California’s San Joaquin Valley, and the runway finale of the fourth annual Supima Design Competition during the most recent New York Fashion Week.

This month, a two-part series covering the competition and the winners’ tour of the U.S. will also air on Thailand’s “In Trend” and “iTeen.”


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