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Apparel | Sunday, September 25, 2011


SUPIMA IN THE NEWS: The Supima Design Competition

By Nancy Boyd


NEW YORK—As the fashion world recovers from New York Fashion Week, reports are still coming in about the runway finale of the fourth annual Supima Design Competition.

Here’s some of what staff reporter Yi Yang, writing in The Epoch Times, had to say:

Aside from traditional fashion shows, this year’s Fashion Week at Lincoln Center featured the Supima Design Competition, where students from four different schools compete to design the best pieces out of Supima Cotton. Another special show is Fatigued to Fabulous, where female veterans are dressed in designer apparel and walk down the runway. The Epoch Times asked the a few of the attendees about the opening shows and the their personal taste in fashion.


Michael Fink [right], dean of the School of Fashion at the Savannah College of Art and Design, goes to Fashion Week every year. He attended the Supima Design Competition, and has a full schedule for the entire fashion week. “It’s an exciting and invigorating week,” says Fink. He described his style as “bold and quirky conservative.”

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