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Home Textiles | Wednesday, September 21, 2011


SUPIMA IN THE NEWS: Fessler in Textile World

By Nancy Boyd

NEW YORK—The headline read “Onshore, On Time.”

The subject?

FesslerUSA, a longtime Supima licensee.

Writing in a recent issue of trade journal Textile World, here’s some of what associate editor Sarah Thomasson had to say:

“Made in the USA” is a mantra increasingly heard in the textile and apparel industry — signaling a turning of the tide that has sent so much sourcing offshore. Since its founding 111 years ago, private-label knitwear and fabric manufacturer FesslerUSA has held fast to that mantra.

The company’s beginnings trace back to 1900, when Walter Meck, grandfather of current CEO Walter Meck, left the family farm and founded Meck & Co., a cotton underwear manufacturer in the Pennsylvania Dutch river port of Schuylkill Haven. After surviving two world wars, a depression and two recessions, the company was sold in 1960 by Walter’s son, Charles, to H.H. Fessler Knitting Co. In 1994, the Meck family reacquired the company and restructured it with the goal of keeping manufacturing in the United States.

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