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November 2016 Update from Supima

By Marc Lewkowitz

Riding The SUPIMA® Wave… With the fall ’16 harvest behind us, all signs point to American-grown SUPIMA cotton being in high demand.  From a business standpoint, this year’s crop proved to be one of the larger, more quality crops from the past several years and after just completing the fall harvest, this year’s crop is over half sold.

With more domestic brands using premium fibers as a point of difference, SUPIMA® has been top of mind with many influential brands across the country.  From an international perspective, more and more mills are integrating SUPIMA cotton into their portfolio of premium fibers and new facilities are opening with the main purpose of producing products made with ELS cotton, translating to a higher forecast in exports for SUPIMA®.

As a sign of increased awareness and demand for SUPIMA cotton, this year’s harvest attracted a who’s who of the fashion and home industries, making the annual tradition of farm visits an in-demand ticket.  As leading brands continue to emphasize the quality of their products, they look to SUPIMA® for support in telling the American-grown story to their customer base.

The SUPIMA organization is committed to fostering a healthy business environment for all of our partners and to continue our marketing initiatives that support our brand partners and tell the story of our premium, American-grown cotton.


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