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Apparel | Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lands’ End - Not Just Soft: Supima® Soft

By Marc Lewkowitz


Lands’ End, a Supima licensee since 1992 has a long history of using Supima cotton in a variety of products over the years. The new campaign “Not Just Soft: Supima® Soft” calls out to the consumer one of the distinct characteristics of Supima cotton for which it is known; it’s wonderful softness that lends itself a soft and supple hand feel.

In the latest women’s catalog out this month, Lands’ End featured the new Supima t-shirt and their fine gauge Supima cardigan. Both the t-shirt and the cardigan come in three different styles. The t-shirt is available in a solid crew, a v-neck and a new crossover v-neck. Additionally, there are 11 scintillating colors to choose from. The cardigan is available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions ,along with a sleeveless shell for those warmer days.


Find out what Lands’ End thinks about Supima at, or take a look at all the Supima items that are currently available at Lands’ End including apparel and home items via this link.


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