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Apparel | Friday, February 20, 2015


Lands’ End Luxury with Supima

By Marc Lewkowitz

Over 50 years ago, a small yachting supply company was started by an independent thinker by the name of Gary Comer.

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With a vision and appreciation for hardwork and long-lasting, well-made products, Mr. Comer soon found his way to building the foundation of what has become one of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands. With a simple principle, “Take care of the customer, take care of the employee, the rest will take care of itself.” Mr. Comer launched Lands’ End into the massive global retailer they are today. One fundamental legacy that lives on today continues with the Lands’ End. Guaranteed. Period.® philosophy built upon making quality products and using quality materials – like Supima!


Lands’ End has been a licensee of Supima for over 20 years and the relationship has a long and strong, growing history. Today Land’s End offers over 300 styles of Supima® products for women, men and the home.

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Developing a relationship with a consumer is an integral part of each and every brand’s mission. As we all know too well, the old adage of “The customer is always right.” is as true today as it ever was. Lands’ End customers understand this and appreciate the effort that goes into sourcing the best quality products. Their online reviews tell a pretty clear story, and here are some examples.



IMHO‚ this is the BEST polo shirt in the market and probably on the planet! Super soft‚ resists wrinkles‚ easily washed and extended wear is what I have found with this type of Polo Shirt from LE.



I really love these Supima towels from Lands’ End! They are the only ones that I buy‚ for several years now. They are softer than the Egyptian cotton towels that I have bought in the past. I think the longer loops help make them so soft. I have no problems with absorbency or shedding. No complaints!



My Supima no-iron shirts are simply beautiful; they look great dressed up or dressed down. The fabric stands up to multiple washings and needs little or no ironing. I am so glad Lands’ End is making them in more colors and patterns.

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Supima also hosted a team from Lands’ End during the last harvest this past October, so that they could visit cotton fields and see first hand what goes into producing this precious fiber. The opportunity to explore and understand what Supima cotton is and where it comes from is always an eye-opening and energizing experience for every group that undertakes this adventure.

The information and images collected from the trip have been transformed into the latest edition of Lands’ End’s Supima cotton story that can be found on their website via this link

Combining the information, the Lands’ End’s team worked to put together some interesting facts of what it all means in terms of cotton plants in the image below “Supima by the Numbers”. A scale of Supima information from small to large with how many plants it takes to make a t-shirt through to how many plants were planted last year ... an estimated 9.6 billion!


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Lands’ End also took to their blog to explain “This is Why Supima is Superior”. The blog details that Supima is American grown, softer, longer, stronger and more durable, and is accessible via this link


Following the visit of Lands’ End to the Supima cotton fields, Supima took the opportunity to ask some questions of Randy Horton, Creative Director for Lands’ End following his experience and here is what he said:

Supima: What does Supima mean to you?

RH: When I hear the name Supima I immediately think “homegrown American quality.”

Supima: Why is Supima important to the Lands’ End customer?

RH: I think Supima is important to our customer because to them, quality is synonymous with Lands’ End and Supima is synonymous with quality.

Supima: What does Supima do for the products made from it?

RH: When we make something with Supima cotton it’s like adding an additional “durability and quality guarantee” on top of our standard Lands’ End “Guaranteed. Period.” promise.

Supima: Why do Lands’ End customers love the quality Lands’ End products made with Supima?

RH: I think our customers love our products made from Supima for two reasons. One – because Supima is grown in US. We may live in a global world but supporting local has become a priority to many Americans. And two – we’ve been making clothing from Supima for decades and many of our customers tell us they still have their first Supima product from years back and it still looks/feels as good as it did the first time they wore it.

Supima: What is something about Supima that your customers probably don’t know?

RH: I don’t think our customers realize just how much testing and scrutiny goes into maintaining the supima quality standard. It was eye opening for me to see the USDA Grading facility at work.

Supima: What is the best kept secret about Supima?

RH: I think Supima’s best kept secret is that (unfortunately) it’s still a secret to many out there. Prior to Lands’ End I worked in “teen fashion” where it was all about the quantity of styles you had in your closet…not the quality. But I think that mindset is going to change soon and there will be a whole generation looking for the quality and value Supima represents.

Supima: What is your favorite Lands’ End Supima product?

RH: I personally love the Lands’ End Supima towels because to me, there’s nothing worse than getting out of a nice, calming shower only to lose that sense of relaxation when you dry yourself with a towel that feels more like 400 grit sandpaper.

Supima: What should a consumer know about where Supima comes from?

RH: People should know that Supima doesn’t just come from fields but from generations of friends and families that continue to innovate the growing/harvesting process to produce better and better plants.

Supima: What is one thing that is most memorable from seeing first hand where the cotton is grown?

RH: I think the most memorable was how efficient the ginning process is and that nothing from the plant goes to waste. I was also incredibly impressed/shocked to learn just how much technology goes into the growing/harvesting process – from irrigation efficiency to GPS guidance/assistance for all the cotton picker machines. Definitely not what I was expecting!

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