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Market Update | Tuesday, June 07, 2016


June Update

By Marc Lewkowitz

Supima is hard at work creating demand for this fall’s harvest and would like to showcase some of the important marketing initiatives currently underway. This edition of our monthly newsletter focuses on several marketing initiatives meant to educate consumers on the benefits of the world famous SUPIMA® cotton.

One brand in particular, and one of Supima’s largest partners, is Japan’s Fast Retailing Co.’s Uniqlo.  Uniqlo is highly engaged in telling the Supima story about the exceptional quality of U.S. grown American Pima cotton.  With a global network of approximately 2000 stores, the dedicated Supima pages on the Uniqlo website, the product focused email campaigns and the extensive in-store displays, Uniqlo has done much to advance the global awareness of SUPIMA®.

We also highlight two other brands, one old and one new, that are using Supima. Los Angeles, CA based Splendid, a leader in the women’s contemporary knits market, has been using Supima cotton fabrics since the inception of the brand. Brooklyn, NY based Ace & Everett is a relatively new player in the branded fashion scene that focuses on men’s fashion socks and has already made a huge splash in the retail world.  Both brands have embraced Supima for its exceptional qualities and are doing an outstanding job conveying the benefits of our premium cotton to their end customer.

Lastly, you will read how Supima is leveraging the online world through social media in order to better tell its story and connect with consumers.  Fashion bloggers, or “Influencers” as they are known, have a vast community of fashion enthusiasts that look to them for direction and inspiration. By engaging this influential network of bloggers, trendsetters and market influencers, Supima has created an opportunity to expand the SUPIMA® brand in the digital world and educate consumers on the benefits of using Supima cotton.

With this and future newsletters, Supima will keep you updated on the latest news and insight on our promotional and brand/retail partner activities.


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