Luxury Cotton for Fashion and Home Textiles

Trademark Guidelines

Supima® Trademark Requirements

  1. In order to qualify to carry the Supima® trademark, the product must be made of 100% U.S. Pima cotton. The fiber content and origin should be verifiable through purchase invoices. Supima reserves the right to request verification of fiber content and origin for all products bearing the Supima® trademark. Note: Certain product categories, such as socks, may allow a percentage of non-Supima fiber for performance purposes. Please consult Supima concerning any questions.
  2. Only licensees may use the Supima® trademark on their qualifying products. The Supima® license is non-transferable. Purchase of Supima® licensed product in any state (fiber, yarn, fabric, home fashion, apparel) does not automatically qualify the buyer to use the Supima® trademark.
  3. Supima® is a premium brand. Products bearing the Supima® trademark can only be sold in better department and specialty stores and comparable retail channels subject to review and approval by Supima. Supima® licensed products may not be sold in discount stores, mass merchandiser stores and comparable retail channels. Supima reserves the right to determine the suitability of retailers and brands.

Supima® Trademark Display Requirements

  1. Always spell the trademark correctly. Avoid any variations.
  2. Use appropriate markings. Always capitalize the product name and designate the trademark with the ® symbol. Also, the first usage or most prominent usage of a Supima® product name must be used in conjunction with the Supima trademark® and in the same type size, font, color and line.
  3. Always use the Supima® trademark as adjectives that describe the generic product. Trademarks are proper adjectives describing a specific thing; therefore, they should be used in conjunction with the noun (generic name) they modify (e.g., Supima® shirt). Primary trademarks are not to be pluralized such as "these shirts are Supimas.”
  4. Do not use any Supima® trademark as your trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, product name, or logo. The Supima® trademark identifies the premium U.S. Pima cotton in licensee products. No third party may use any Supima® trademark as their trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, product name, or logo. You must have your own distinct trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, product name, or logo that does not include any Supima trademarks. You may, however, referentially use the Supima® trademark in connection with your product. Also, you may not use a variation, combination, or abbreviation of a Supima® trademark.
  5. Attribute ownership of the Supima® trademark to the Supima organization. When you refer to a Supima® trademark, please include the following notice of trademark attribution where appropriate, such as on your product, printed materials, and online.

Supima® Logo Display Requirements

  1. Supima will provide authorized users with graphics samples for use in reproducing its logos. These samples should not be altered in any way and should be used in a manner that ensures that each representation of a logo is consistent, undistorted and clear.
  2. A logo should not be displayed in a size so small that any design feature of the mark is lost and should appear in exactly the same spatial relationships as set forth in the graphics samples provided by Supima. A logo should appear by itself, in a reasonable size, and should have a minimum amount of space on either side that equals its height.
  3. Where graphics samples designate that a particular PMS ("Pantone Matching System") ink be used, users must ensure that their representations conform to these guidelines.