Luxury Cotton for Fashion and Home Textiles

Supima Trademark Requirements

A Mark of Quality

Supima has operated a successful licensing program for a number of years. The primary purpose of the program is to provide garment and textile manufacturers a means of promoting their high quality apparel and textile goods made of 100% American Pima cotton. The Supima® trademark is the consumers' guarantee that the branded textile product they are buying is made of U.S.-grown extra-long staple cotton — Supima® cotton. There is added value to using the Supima® mark, a brand that is associated with the highest quality textile and apparel goods, sold globally in better quality retail stores and catalogues.

Supima’s licensing program targets all participants in the home fashion and apparel supply chains; from spinners, weavers and knitters to manufacturers, consumer brands and retailers. By licensing the entire supply chain, Supima provides added assurance to downstream customers that Supima® trademarked goods are made with 100% American Pima cotton. At the same time, to maintain the premium focus of the brand, the Supima® license is non-transferable. This allows Supima to track the users of its trademark, as well as to control the quality and integrity of products that use the Supima® name.

Many textile companies find the Supima license to be a valuable marketing tool in approaching manufacturers, brands and retailers for business. Once approved by Supima, customers buying qualifying product from Supima® licensees can become licensees with the right to use the trademark to promote their own Supima® products. Supima’s advertising campaign and growing consumer awareness give brands and retailers an advantage in promoting their Supima® trademarked home fashion and apparel to consumers.

Annual Licensing Fee

Supima charges an annual licensing fee of US $5,000.00, however, brands and retailers are not required to pay the fee.  The licensing fee is pro-rated throughout the calendar year for new applicants.

Supima® is a registered trademark in many countries around the world. As the Supima® mark has grown in recognition for high quality, it has also grown in value to those who use it.