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License Renewal Process

Supima sends out an email to current licensees to announce the start of the annual license renewal cycle in November. The email serves as notification that the licensee's current Supima license agreement will expire on December 31 of the current year. To renew the license and to continue to be authorized to use the Supima® trademark, name or brand without interruption, the licensee will be directed to the Supima Partners Licensing Portal at to activate their user log-in ID and create a password. The license renewal process must be completed by December 31 of the current licensing year.

1. Within the renewal application, licensees will have an opportunity to review and update information Supima currently has on file for your company, including:

2. Licensees will then be asked to electronically upload the following items:

3. Licensees will be required to submit sample(s) of any new or modified Supima® products to our Phoenix office. Please make certain to clearly label the product sample(s) with your company name. The samples will need to be delivered to Supima's headquarters office at the following address:

4. Once your company’s renewal application is reviewed and approved, you will receive instructions for accessing the online 2015 Supima Licensing Agreement that must be then reviewed and accepted by the officer of the company who is listed on your company’s licensing profile. With the exception of retailers/brands, approved licensees will also receive instructions for accessing the licensing fee invoice along with directions for remitting the annual licensing fee of US $5,000.00.

5. Once the Supima License Agreement is accepted and Supima receives notification from our financial institution that the licensing fee has been remitted, a Supima license certificate will be issued. The Supima license certificate acknowledges the licensee’s standing as a recognized licensing part of Supima and all the privileges that accompany it.

6. All active Supima licensees in good-standing are listed on Supima's searchable licensee database at Please be sure to check all the contact information and e-mail address(es) we have listed for your company. We will be using this e-mail address(es) to inform your company of trade inquiries we receive periodically and also to update you on Supima activities.

Your interest and commitment to Supima are appreciated. Please contact Supima at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for further assistance or if you have any questions.