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Hangtag Design And Specifications

Sample hangtag design


The standard format for Supima hangtags is demonstrated here in the sample images and formats presented. These hangtags are available to current Supima licensees from our approved global printer. Information about ordering pre-printed hangtags can be found here.

Supima does not restrict the use of the trademark to these formats only. Supima will allow the use of the Supima logo on other styles of hangtags. However, any use of the trademark in any other style, format and/or orientation must first be approved by Supima. The logo may not be altered or combined with any other trademark or graphic and must be clear, legible and identifiable in its own right.

Specifications for Supima hangtag:
Size: 3-1/4" X 1"

String: 7" (Gold color)

Hole Size: 4 mm

Paper Stock: 310 gsm C1S

Pantone Colors: 342, 871 and black